Founded in August 2020 by Cid Maciel Monteiro de Oliveira, professional with over 20 years of experience in the financial and real estate markets. He worked in banks (HSBC and ING), asset managers (XP Investimentos) and in the real estate developer Inter Incorporadora e Construtora S.A. BXD Investimentos Imobiliários originate, structure, develop and invest in real estate ventures and businesses with strong value generation profile and that at the same time promote the well-being of the people and communities involved.


Originate, structure and develop real estate businesses with high return potential for our investors. We seek real estate ventures and businesses that contribute to the well-being of the people and communities involved.


We are ahead of the biggest real estate cycle that Brazil has ever experienced in its entire history. The combination of low mortgage financing and interest rates with the growing demand for housing are the right ingredients to foster a long period of growth and value creation across the local real estate sector. Our reason for existing is to be part of this unique value and wealth creation opportunity by selecting sustainable real estate projects and businesses with high return potential for our investors.


  • Integrity: we seek relationships based on honesty and honor with our employees, service providers, partners, investors and customers.
  • Respect: We consider absolute respect for everyone with whom we relate in the conduct of our business to be extremely important.
  • Transparency: We insist on acting transparently with everyone. We are committed to placing the truth above any other interest.
  • Excellence: In everything we do we always give our best. We are attentive to comments and constructive criticism for a constant improvement in the service level of our deliveries.
  • Humility: We know that we are neither perfect nor owners of the truth. We understand that listening carefully to everyone with whom we interact is not only an act of respect, but also a fundamental attitude towards the improvement and growth of our business.